Drums Alive

Yoga, Drums & Cardio

We offer a variety of yoga classes for individuals, small and large groups either at our place or yours. Classes include Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga), Thai Energy Yoga, beginner Chair Yoga (perfect for seniors and those with special needs), Laughter Yoga, and Guided Meditation. Cardio drum classes for all ages and specialized classes for those recovering from addiction are also available.
We also offer personalized one-on-one and small group fitness training classes.

Spirutal Advising

Spirtual Advisement

Shaman Patrick has developed gifts through the years that allow him to connect to the spirit realm, helping many people connect to lost loved ones to find peace and closure. This gift also allows him to read an individual's aura and also see into their past, present and future.
We offer energy healing, spiritual advisement, chakra balancing, seances or table tipping, cleansing of homes and businesses, spiritual purification of an individual's mind, body or soul.
Shaman Patrick is also an ordained minister and can legally officiate ceremonies including wedding, baptisms and christenings, last rites and funerals or memorials.

Drums Alive

Corporate Events

Shaman Patrick is a highly motivational speaker and can incorporate any one or more of our other services into corporate team building or private company functions.

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